Skyline Buildings

The Buildings That Built New Zealand.


Solutions: Accommodation, Storage, Holiday Homes, Baches & Cribs, On the Farm, For Business

  • Skyline Single Garage - 6.3 x 3.0
  • Garages with high stud height.
  • Skyline Garage Workshop
  • Skyline Double Garage
  • Skyline Single Garage.
  • Double garage with sleepout.
  • Garages with sectional doors.
  • Add sleepout to your garage for overflow.
  • Boat storage.
  • This smart looking number is our 6 x 3.6 single garage.

  • High stud heights are optional with our garage designs.

  • Garage with a workshop and a custom roof pitch.

  • A 6 x 6 double garage doing it's job.

  • A single garage that's just perfect for mum.

  • An example of a 9.6 x 6 double garage with side entry AND a sleepout. Barrow not included.

  • Sectional doors add style.

  • Add a sleepout to your garage, for when the family's in town.

  • Bring your wish list - double tilt doors, and 30 degree pitch? No problem!

  • Secure the boat.